Your Room

Its was just the same size as all the other rooms, it had a bed and a clock on the wall, it had a closet that Giff already filled

Giff sat on his bed, when he remembered the small talisman, which he had already left on his desk. He put it over his eye and turned the top, he continued to turn the top ray of the star, but nothing seemed to happen. He kept turning it until ....


He let out a groan of pain as a smal stream. blood began to flow down his face. The talisman had cut him vertically down the eyebrow.He immediately dropped the talisman into the sink. After washing his face and inspecting the blade sticking out 1/4 inch from the talisman, now he knew what it meant to be "the Marked One" and understood the rest of the note. Who could be after him he hadn't even been here a day, and dosent even know anyone. Now whoever was sending him this note could pick him out of a crowd easily, although it wasn't like they didn't know who he was by now. The blade on the talisman was curved, so it peirced like a hook, but sliced through. Whoever did this was quite serious, or viciously cruel to new kids in the town.