. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Giff nerviously sat with his parents in the front row. He didn't see many kids his age in the church only a few boys and they kept eying the cut over his eyebrow. There were only about 80 people in the church. He could feel all their eyes watching them, and it made him quite uneasy. By the time mass was over, Giff was sure he would be killed by someone that was after him, the same one who wrote the note. As the church was emptied out there was almost complete silence, not even the birds were chirping anymore. Giff felt quite out of place and somewhat emberassed the only car in site was theirs, and it was rudely in the center of the grass lot. Guido went up to "Father Lupin" as they called him, and began to talk, but Lupin was ignoring his farthers words and eying the scar on Giff's head with a sadistic smile.

"I say, young boy, you seem to have acquired quite a nasty injury, if you don't mind my asking how did you receive such a wound?" He had a deep snotty voice that was accentuated by the wrinkling in his cruel facial expression.

"I fell on some gardening tools while moving in..."

"Oh, really, what a pity, you seem to be quite badly ..marked." He smiled and looked over to a small group of boys about Giff's age and smiled sadistically once more. "Don't get in trouble now, a young boy like you should stay in the best physical condition possible."

The boys were snickering and whispering to one another, strange there were few girls, and they were little, about only about 6 to 9 years old. By now most of the people had begun walking home, strange they didn't drive cars all the way home but walked, good thing Giff's family walked the half mile or they would have stuck out like sore thumbs.

Giff had a very sober attitude for the rest of the day, more than before. the preist is probably after him, and those kids who are they?