Today was the day that Giff was to help Father Lupin at the church, Giffs mind was racing with different ways and excuses to get out of this mess, could he fake that he was sick, injure himself, run away, hide, tell everything? No one beleived him already. Giff handled the talisman in his hands, looking at it, hating it, why did he bother to keep it? He should throw it away, burn it, bash it, break it, whatever it took. But why not, he had an urge to keep it, for all that he hated it. He waited on the couch. "This is all a joke it can't be true!", "I wish I was dreaming.", "What am I gonna do?"

Well, now he felt stupid, because before he knew it, he was in front of the church, frozen with fear.


"Son now heres your chance to make some friends and have some fun? ok!"

"No Dad no I don- I cant no please don't make me it's a mistake-"

"Hello Gifford, how are you?", Father Lupin interrupted, "I see..", he let out a quiet chuckle "Not having second thoughts are we?"

"Of course not Grandpa... eah... Father Lupin, da kid's just a bit shy ya' know"

father Lupin grabbed Giff softly but firmly by the shoulder. "Well boy, lets go then"