The people are becoming rather suspicious and scared of me, the children beleive I am a madman, and the town is beginning to beleive it too. I have fled to my cottage deep in the woods, several miles or so out of the town, where I can conduct some of my experiments in more privacy. This is the first entry in this journal, the last one had been stolen by a pickpocket. But I have no worries. A pickpocket would dare not take it to the local authorities.

June 21
I have finally set up the place to living conditions, I should be able to support myself with the preserved foods and what I can find in the forest, untill I plant a garden.

I am in quite a desperate situation with the "materials" I need. In the town it was easy to collect a dog or cat every now and then, and graves could be robbed if necessary, but I need something larger. I will go on a small expedition to see if there might be any larger wildlife such as deer or bears. I plan to return in several days.

June 30
There seems to be no sign of large beasts within miles of the cabin, but I must find a source. The situation is becoming frustrating, I cannot continue my reasearch without proper materials, I must find a host quickly. Nothing else of importance.

July 4
I found a stray dog, It helped but is of little use, I need more, maybe I am feeling the effects of isolation already.

July 8
Several people came by looking for the hound. Two men and their other two dogs. They were obviusly bred for hunting, and were quite scrutinous as they observed me and my cabin. I'm worried they could smell the other mutt. The owners left with suspicion, I still need a larger host.

July 12
After a check of the mail back in town. I must travel to my mother's, she is I'll and father is in Europe, I must go tend to her needs.

August 14
I have returned, mother is now well, but I am starting to feel a bit ravenous. I will attempt to use a child. I have no choice.

August 16
Success! I found a child! A small dosage of the concoction injected into some muffins was quite simply the best idea I ever had. I will keep him for a day or two.

August 18
I just released the child and I feel much better, the boy was quite confused, I left him not far from town, in a tuffet of tall grass, he gave no notice of the marks. I am much releived.

August 26
I have found a small girl, but I do not expect to get much out of her, she is still small, but when from humans, it is so much richer than from any other creature, besides that, I would much enjoy a bath. I dont know if she will be enough.

August 27
I have made a mistake, I drew too much, after passing out she did not wake up. They shall be loking for her right now, I know not whether to flee or make an attempt to hide her. Or fake her death.

August 28
I took her out, about two miles away from the cottage and dropped her in a large crevice, it rained last night so the lack of blood on the scene will not be deemed as unusual.

September 4
I found another girl, but she was not so young, at least sixteen. She provided plenty . I was at first sqeamish at the taste, but I have no trouble anymore. Vomiting did sometimes occur afterwards, but it is no longer a problem, I do not plan to let her live, my appetite has grown. I find that the warm baths are quite rejuvinating to the skin, I sleep better as well.

September 5
Oh, bother it all, I went ahead and consumed the body as well, it was actually quite a gruesome chore, but I'm sure It was no more difficult than dismembering a bear. It is cooking at the moment.

September 6
Wonderful. Absolutely Wonderful.

September 7
Some men from the town came by, looking for the girl. I told them that bears and wolves are not unusual this deep in the forest (which was a lie) but for the mostpart they beleived me.

September 15
No sightings of people or animals, unusual.

September 21
Found a hunter and his dog. after a small lunch in my cabin I found the dog was fine, but the man wasn't bearable. I need a girl.

September 24
I am beginning to have strange dreams, rather disturbing ones as well, death, butchery, fornication. I am having trouble sleeping, despite my now excellent health.

September 30
I am beginning to get urges again, I must find somebody. I am quite tired, the dreams continue, but I find now that I am beginning to enjoy them. They are quite wonderful dreams.

October 2
I noticed that I am less interested in the reasearch and data of my work than I'ts collection. I don't mind though, there are more pressing matters at hand than reasearch. No one has come near tha cabin for quite a long time. I beleive the people are frightened, I must go find some. I would like to venture into the town...

October 3
A woman, at least 25. Quite refreshing, in fact, spectacular.

October 5
Wonderful dreams, I feel like a king, I have never been so happy, I beleive I have found a fountain of youth.

October 8
Men came to the cabin, and searched the place by force. they found nothing, I buried the bones, they help the tomatoes grow better, I think.

October 12
I have just been to the town, the people are quite nervious and suspect witchcraft. Maybe I should lay in hiding. On my way home, I noticed some poeple staring at me as I walked into the woods. This place may become dangerous for me.

October 29
The townsfolk are preparing a bonfire of some type. Maybe there has been a witch hunt.