The low hum of an engine
and smoke in the distance
breaking the serenity of the evening
a pillar of fumes rises in the distance
symbolising the beginning of a long nightmare
the ground trembles with fear
in anticipation of what is to come
one engine becomes millions
a great hatred rears it ugly head
and rises to the sky
viewing the future wasteland
the fruit of its efforts to be
Lifting its arms into a great arch
millions of warbirds fly out
in an attack formation
the sky bleeds and rains acid death
spraying on the ground
green becomes black
the water becomes chemical
the air becomes poison
the animals die where they stand
as forests quiver
and seas boil
giant metal fish
with red eyes
and steel grins
arms of black death and bullets
spread across the land
like day into night
a great horn blows
calling bloody revolution
from the now darkened west
crucifixes and guillotines
rise like zombies long asleep
the burnt bodies lie under the grin of an evil shadow
food to fuel more death
and to feed an all-seeing god machine
the scarred land oozes with
remnants of a once living world
all is quiet now

and ashes fall