Not Who We Seem


Sat there in the classroom in denial

denial because it seemed obsolete

something so wrong it wasn't to be

but although not right it was to become

the longer time passes the more obvious it is

the attraction that shouldn't be

could I change her?

but she changed me

struck in a confused flurry of emotion

dazzling the senses

the mere sight of her could change the day

a worthless obsession

because it was a lie she didn't even realize

she wasn't who she though she was

and there aren't so many things in common anymore

especially if you were to look back on it

because she wasn't who she really was

I knew her only barely beneath the skin

but she was crazy

herself was a lie

a coverup girl

to hide the one inside

she never changed

I was only blind

and she was someone else

flip the kill switch to her mask outside

saw herself, the unhappy creature inside

the most happy people seem dead deep inside

and we do our best to defend what is right, but to another were all wrong.