I don't feel right today.
said a fox to a hound,
I don't wish to run
it is as if nothing matters.

replied the hound,
maybe it is because the chase has made you weary
and you wish to give up!

And the fox retorted,
Nay, brother mine
it seems to me more like I have a different woe
one which digs deeper than tiredeness
or fatigue.

Then the hound said,
Dear friend what is it that ills you so?
'Tis but a trifle of sickness im sure
let us continue the chase.

The fox then replied to the hound,
I beleive I grow weary of life.
I grow weary of the world.
It brings such misery to us.
I feel as if I wished to see it end.
To lay my head down and sleep forever.

said the hound,
It is difficult, but it is the greatest of responsability and valour
when we choose to live
when life is worse than death.

So the fox sighed,
Is there no God,
to free me of this pain which so saddens my soul?
Is there no rest,
my heart is parched and my heart aches

God shan't help
God has left that duty to us, brother
we must make the best of it
for misery grows when we are innanimate and stagnant

Then let us continue the chase
let us outrun ourselves
to escape our misery.
Said the fox.

So they ran
and ran
until their misery
became a meaningless trifle of a worry
in the backs of their minds

note from writer :
It is our emphatuation with our petty and redundant daily tasks and errands that keep us from realising how miserable the world we live in is. It is the lack of vision and our inability to see reality that keep us from realizing how truly happy we should be.

(based on a dream)