Know to Know to Be What You Need

You've got to stay awake
You've got to be ready to know
just when the time is right
you need to know
just how to strike
and when it comes
you can hit without thinking

You need to know
how to
lie just right
how to decieve people
to talk out of fights
to talk out their
to walk on their rights

You'll start to learn
how each of them ticks
each sheep is different
they all taste the same

you have to spot meat
with your eyes closed
use all your senses
beleive your nose

only lie
to people that trust you
only hurt
people that love you

learn to bite
in just the right spots

only the price is right

and if you go paranoid
it doesen't mean they aren't after you

you'll learn to take advantage
to have every play planned
to have the upper hand

so when they turn against you
you know just how to take them all down