Happiness at Last

I feel my shattered bones vibrate through my body

(I feel free)

I feel my flesh pound against the floor it bruises just like silk

(so soft)

and my blood
looks so pretty against the concrete

and the wails and screams echo music into my ears

(so calm)

Oh the way the bullets in my body and my skull keep me comfortable

(they're so warm)

and the way the shade of my grey splattered brains
goes so well with the color of the window shades

(I let my mind free)

and the clouds seem so much brighter
and the birds fly so much higher

(seems beautiful to me)

The flies in my mouth
keep me company
as they whisper sweet nothings to me

they say that I've died but I feel so alive
no woes can hold me

they used to say I was depressed
but now I'm so happy

I can't help but get a sedated feeling

(I'm not breathing...)


(based on a nightmare)