I Forgot

I forgot how easy it was
I forgot how fragile I am
it only took the lightest push
my soul has gone dark again
back to what I used to be
right back in the hole that I dug
I thought I escaped
but it posesses me again
like a black star
stapled on
to walk around in the street
count the stares that I meet
and I can see others
they've fallen down that spiral too
they thought they wouldnt want this
but now that it's here they cant live without
they're part of it too
the one that's missing is you
I drag you down like usuall
I hold you back
I wont let you go
I'll pull you down
Im everything you hate
but you'll learn to love it
I scare you
but you'll soon embrace
what we tell you to love
what we tell you to feel
what we tell you to do
embrace it

let it eat at you

let it knaw at your head

like a worm in a corpse

and writhe in the very thought