I dreamt I woke up as a gryphon, to find myself under the shade of an oak tree. The bright sun shone through like heaven had parted to bid me good morning. I stetched my great wings to catch the warmth. My half opened eye gazed upon the endless rolling hills of green. The shade danced around my warm, curled body. The slivers of sunlight blanketed me as I basked in calm. I rolled on my side to observe the perfect day that was layed out before me. the clouds, like stretched cotton, patched the sky. They flowed acros the heavens, shading the hills on and off. I looked up at the tree to observe the dance of leaves, a ballet of green and gold like one shall never see elswere except for here. Where the air is like breathing the warm breath of gods and water is clear like liquid glass. Where I hide, where I stay.