Giff was interrupted by a voice with a southern accent

"You know, kid it ain't always polite to be sneakin around."

Giff spun around immediately to find a hooded person right behind him. Giff let out a gasp of surprise as the person grabbed by the collar, lifting him off the ground. He threw Giff against the church and the persons hood flew off. It was a boy, one of the church kids. Another yell came from a few feet away.

"Wrong one Kale, hes in the woods, hurry before you miss the fun, man."

"You're mine in a few days, punk!", the churchboy said to Giff.

"Kale, you moron, your hood!!"

Kale looked up at his forehead . His eyes widened in the the moonlight.

"Aw SHIT!!", he screamed as he threw his hood on with one hand."

they then ran off into the darkness.

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