Giff's mom wasnt much to talk about, she worked at Silver Gym as a personal fitness instructor and a calesthenics instructor. But Giff loved mom, with a razor sharp sense of humor and a quick tounge to back it up, she was the funniest person Giff knew. Even though she was a bit of a health fanatic.


They both continued up the stairs leaving Guido to rest on the couch. (since he had already fallen asleep) The house was beauiful, the staircase had hand carved railing with grape vines and cotton plants all up the 3 stories. The stairs were wooden, like the rest of the house, and probably once amazing looking. the second and third floors had halways with 2 chandaleirs made of glass and each floor had three rooms. Each room had its own small chandalier, a bed, and a desk. One of the rooms on the second floor was a study with a cabinet, a small library, and a desk with a view of the town. After about half an hour of looking outside, Mom decided to get the kitchen readied up and cook dinner. Giff decided to go oustside.

"Don't be out to late, I don't want you to get attacked by one a them cows!"


"................Whatever, Ma"