The Happy Bunny Strip Bar
(located next to pleasantville preschool)


Giff entered the bar to be graciously greeted by a happy scantilly clad chic named rita. He watched in the back as the ladies danced around. He had actually never seen so many naked people in one room. Thank god there were only women stripping HAHAHA. Giff looked around and realized that there were cops all over the place. But he was having difficulty concentrating with the task at hand......her..... hand..... in... my... pants..... NO MUST GET HELP!

He walked up to a police officer

"Excuse me officer are you on duty?"
"In fact I am"
"Oh! GOOOD!!!"

Giff told the whole story from the beginning

"So thats where all them kids went"
The police officer then gathered up all the other police officers and strippers and they all marched off!

...oohh jumblies