The Master Bedroom

Sheryl was fixing her dress in front of a mirror while she fixed her earings on to herself. Giff asked, "Mom, where are you going?"

"With your father to some meeting 4 towns away with some real estate head honchos, and all of the people thera are going to have a dinner, and your father will be in charge of all this land around here or something of the sort, sweetums, but w'ell be back by 1:00 am"

1 am, Giff could be dead by then,

"Mom don't leave me here!!"

"Stop beein such a baby! you'll be ok, jeez calm down son I don't wanna have to take ya to the hospital when you pop a hemorrhoid."

"Mom, there are no kids here because they're all being kidnapped, especially ones my age!"

"Son, shut ya yap!"

She then added "Oh yeah, and you're gonna help father Lupin clean up at the church tommorow night, because were gonna be at some other thing like this tommorow night too, and I want you to know him better, so he can Introduce ya to some other kids before school starts."

Giff was in shock, his own mother had condemned him to death...........