It seemed like the average small town american church. Odd, the door was locked, and there were no lights on. Didn't churches usually stay open for a very long all day?!

Around the side: Windows were 6 feet high, not stained glass, but they are tinted so the inside was invisible to Giff , but Giff could see out the windows fine during mass. Giff could see the glass was unusually thick.

In the back: One large window was in the back, stained glass cross ascending into heaven. Giff noticed there were strange small basement windows. Why would such a small church need a basement? Windows were tinted as well, barred too!..........strange. There would be no threat of burglary in such a small town.

The whole thing is suspicious. Giff new something bad was going down, the star with the eye, the group of teenagers, the missing children. He was beginning to be afraid.