The store was nice, it had the familiar look that a seven eleven would have, all it needed was a frosty machine.

" I ain't seen you roun' these parts b'fore."

"I'm new, name's Giff."

"Giff, eh....I can' recall a new kid bein roun' here lately, then again not many kids roun here at all."

"Yeah!, where are all the kids, no body goes outside."

"Kids bien kidnapp't leff'n' right, cops recon some satano-cult thingie goin on, all yall should be fraid, i wouldn't go no outside either, i bin livin of tha few people thats a'comin ta this store here'n then, by the way, I saw another kid roun' here with a scar like that, never seen him no more..."

"You bett'r stay outta trouble, ya hear!?"