Covered with sheets the furniture layed in dissaray throughout the room. Giff's dad was laying on the couch reading a book.

"Hey son, why don't you go outside and meet some kids?"

"Dad this neighborhood is creepy, there aren't any kids or birds or squirrels, or anything, all the people are afraid of getting kidnapped or somethin"

"Horsecrap son, I know this is very different from a city that never sleeps, but just try harder, Im' sure you'll meet some cute girl or somethin, Or even better tell your mother to get ready for tonight."

" Where are you going dad?! don't leave me in this house alone, please!"

"Oh, shutup yer little yap and stop whinin, just tough it out, I didn't raise a wimp! And get your mom don't be such a darn baby!!"

"FINE, where is she?"


"In her room!"