Sitting in the dark

Giff immediately ducked under his covers and stayed there, quietly waiting for his parents to come home for about ten minutes. He couldn't help but imagine someone flying in through the door and hacking him to death with a cleaver. Speaking of a cleaver, Giff had thankfully enough grabbed the cleaver from the kitchen downstairs. He took the 10'' cleaver out of his back pocket and held it in the dark. Good 'ol cleaver, "I'd give up all my friends back at home for you anytime." He gave the cleaver a big kiss, and just as he did the lights went out. This took him a while to notice being under the covers and all. Then a panic like none he had ever felt came over him. He was sweating in less than a second and a flurry of chills ran up his back. He noticed the covers only blinded him and he threw them off the bed and sat completely still and blind in the dark. He sat, his ears at full attention waiting for the faintest noise, and he would not hesitate to use his cleaver. Streaks of moonlight were shining through the half open blinds, striping the whole room. He stood up slowly to make sure he would be ready for whatever came, and he stood against the wall with his cleaver upright against his face. After a moment it occured to him that maybe he could scare whoever it was off by calling the police, surely the sounds of sirens would easily drive them away. Unfortunatelt he realized that the closest phone was in his parents room.

Hurry and get the phone

Stay and wait