How it starts


Gifford pulled himself out of the car without great expectation of his new house or town. He had just moved with his parents Sheryle and Guido From New York. He had never actually been to far out of New York state in his life and was uneasy with the town's sleepy, suburban look. The weather wasn't helping either. The sky was a melancholy gray wich made the experience extra dismal. Rain was beginning to lazily make its way down to earth in light misty droplets so that one never felt a drop but become increasingly damp and cold. To make matters extra splendid, Gifford (whom I shall now reffer to as "Giff" ) had still not looked up to see his new house which he knew had to be absolutely terrible. He unenthusiastically raised his head and murmured to Guido, "It's not as nice as you said, dad,... but its ok to live in, I guess." The house was at least 70 years old, but large with that strange look that large lavishly decorated southern plantations had, well at least in the movies, with a large porch, surrounding the entire house with several rocking benches chained to the roof. Large oak trees surrounded the place and all the houses were hundreds of feet apart. And just 50 feet down the road a hill started downwards, it winded in a crooked descent down to a church on a smaller hill, half a mile or so away. The porch was large and surrounded the entire house with several rocking benches chained to the roof.

His father walked around the black station wagon. He was a well educated and succesful bussiness man, about 40, with thin blond hair and a real estate salesman. He was carrying two boxes of clothes.Giff's mother emerged from her door onto the curb, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt with a picture of Hawaii and a fish on it. "Ohh, a nice big house a nice change from that stuffy penthouse." she squeeked with a bostonian accent.

"Our penthouse was NOT stuffy, Mom"

All 3 entered the house to find it large, old, dusty, but with lots of nice furniture. "Hey this is great stuff, I bet itt'le bring a good price if we sell it before our furniture arrives.", this was typical of Guido, concious of money, but nevertheless this made him an eccelent bussinesman.

Dad sat down on a covered couch in a huge living room after placing the boxes on the floor. "I'm gonna take a breather kiddo!" ,he sighed.

Mom then yelped down to them as she began to walk up the stairs, "Giffy I'm gonna check out upstairs ,sweetie, ya wanna come?!" she began her ascent into the house.