He flailed his arms and kicked and screamed wildly till he foamed at the mouth. Then he realized he was being held down to the floor by a dozen people. The tangle of arms turned him onto his stomach as he fought the tangle of limbs. He writhed to free himself but the wight nearly crushed him. Out of nowhere they put a bag over his head and began to pull him into it.

"No stop, you bastards let me go!"

He was already inside the bag, being dragged along the floor. He was being kicked and hit, till he swore his brains were being bashed out. Then he felt, suddely, himself all untill he fell harshly onto unyeilding concrete. He then heard a trapdoor loudly bang shut above him. Then he sat, breathing hard, waiting for something to happen. It seemed like days he sat in there, waiting, hungry, thirsty,weak, it was beginning to work at his mind as well. Suddenly, he felt arms beginning to pull him along the ground. He heard a door open and smelt fresh air. The bag was pulled off his head, and he saw a huge feild, and woods. He was behind the church, in the miidle of the night. One stood him up and said, "Now run..."

Giff looked behind him and saw the boys all in black hoods, and father Lupin in a large white hood and robe.

"I said run, your lunch!"

So this was how they did it, Giff had no choice but to try and run away, maybe he could reaach his house or hide in the forest. But he knew he wasn't going to live.